Boil Water

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Basic skills. Everyone needs them, yet many people don't have them. I never got to know my grandmother on my father's side very well. She passed away when I was about seven years old. But I've heard all about her. She graduated from teacher's college in 1918 and was a suffragette. She had a boyfriend before my grandfather and went on a road trip in a model T to Yellowstone National Park with him and a group of friends. She smoked. She drank. She used tarot cards and had some psychic…

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Role Models

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I'm part of a Success Team that meets every week to discuss goals. We talk about those things in our core being that we want to be a part of our lives like: creativity, inspiration, connection, exploration, and nature. Each person has different core elements which make them happy. Our goals for work, relationships, and other aspects of life then are formed around these core elements. This week our homework assignment was to pick a role model. This can be someone we know from among our family, friends or community, or…

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The word "travel" conjures images of far off exotic lands, strange foods, and relaxation. Many people fly off to different areas of the world, stay in hotels and lay on beaches, but they really never get into the heart of travel: exploration. Exploration is investigating the unknown. I'm not talking about holding seances or ghost hunting (although that could be part of it) but unknown to YOU. Many of us get into routines and when we go on vacation, we think that going to a resort will be the answer….every year.…

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