Boil Water

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Basic skills. Everyone needs them, yet many people don't have them. I never got to know my grandmother on my father's side very well. She passed away when I was about seven years old. But I've heard all about her. She graduated from teacher's college in 1918 and was a suffragette. She had a boyfriend before my grandfather and went on a road trip in a model T to Yellowstone National Park with him and a group of friends. She smoked. She drank. She used tarot cards and had some psychic…

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Food sustains us, can entertain us, and often unites us. It is the core of every social gathering. It is ingrained in our being because food is necessary for our survival. Food is vital for us: It builds our bodies and minds with energy and nutrients. It is fundamentally a rewarding behavior. As a rewarding behavior, it is directly linked to mood and emotions. Because food has so much meaning for us, it is helpful to look at the meaning it holds for us individually. What does food mean to you?…

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