Role Models

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I'm part of a Success Team that meets every week to discuss goals. We talk about those things in our core being that we want to be a part of our lives like: creativity, inspiration, connection, exploration, and nature. Each person has different core elements which make them happy. Our goals for work, relationships, and other aspects of life then are formed around these core elements. This week our homework assignment was to pick a role model. This can be someone we know from among our family, friends or community, or…

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What inspires you? What makes your mind race and explode with excitement, joy, hope, love, and peace? Inspiration is a complex mixture of thoughts and feelings which are positive and when in abundance can even be overwhelming. Each day we have thoughts racing through our minds and often these are overwhelmingly negative. Why did this person talk to me like that? Why can't I get a job doing what I want to do? The car broke down again, how am I going to pay for it? When will life get better?…

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