How Can I Feel Better?

Source of Abundance has classes focusing on teaching people how to relax, let go of worries, release negative memories of the past, and increase personal internal energy. The classes were developed by Silvia Hartmann founder of The Guild of Energists, an international organization which promotes increasing energy from a personal level to a global level.

Each class offers a different set of skills or it expands on skills from a previous class. You will learn valuable techniques and practice them in class so you can gain confidence to use those skills on your own after the class. These activities help you understand how YOU work and how to put into action the skills to create reduce stress to relax and to release your positive, creative, energetic side.

Modern Energy Tapping

MET, or Modern Energy Tapping, is one of the primary techniques taught in these classes. MET is a simple technique using your fingertips to tap on your body while making a few verbal statements. These simple actions allow the energy of your body to move and become more balanced. The added verbal statements can either acknowledge existing feelings and thoughts enabling a release to take place or the statements can introduce positive feelings and thoughts to enable an uplifting feeling in the whole body to take place. For people who use MET regularly, they feel more centered, relaxed and have increased energy. They feel good!

Who are these classes for?

Individuals who are interested in self-development. They intend to use the learned skills to help themselves become more centered, more relaxed and to unleash their innate creativity.

Coaches who help others with performance goals: to become a better public speaker, a better athlete, or a better writer. Coaches help clients by helping to identify blocks to goals the client has set and then developing strategies to break through those blocks to achieve those goals.

Your Roadmap

Step 1: Learn how to Relax

The most surprising thing for me working with a variety of clients is that a significant number of people have never learned self-soothing skills. Self-soothing skills are vitally important for an individual because those skills are used to calm themselves down without the use of external inputs (no drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, etc.). Check out our introductory class: Modern Stress Management Foundation.

Step 2: Fine tune with MET

Learn how to raise you energy, work on specific issues and share tapping with other people: children, siblings, spouses, and friends. Tapping with others often creates an increase energy level than just tapping alone. Check out our introductory class for MET: Modern Energy Tapping Foundation.

Optional Step 3: Go In-Depth

Love what you’ve experienced in Steps 1 & 2? Want to go in-depth and discover all that tapping can do for you and for others? Want to have a business sharing tapping and other energy techniques as a coach? Then the professional level classes are for you. In addition to your regular GOE membership, these classes enable you to enroll for a professional level membership where you can have a website listing to offer tapping and energy services on the GOE website.

Guild of Energists Membership

The Guild of Energists (GOE) was founded in 1988 by Silvia Hartmann & Chrissie Hardisty. It was the first provider of professional Classic EFT courses for individuals, practitioners and trainers. The original name was The Association for Meridian Therapies but this name was changed to the Guild of Energists to reflect a broadening of course offerings beyond Classic EFT. The GOE is a registered non-profit in the United Kingdom. Diana Sturm is a professional trainer for the Guild of Energists.

There are three main GOE membership levels:

  • Standard Membership which anyone can join. This level is included in the foundational courses.
  • Professional Practitioner Membership is offered to those who have completed the professional level courses.
  • Professional Trainer Membership is offered to those who have completed the Guild of Energists Train the Trainer Courses.

All GOE members have access to the digital online library, the GOE online community and discounts on learning materials.

Cancellation Policy

Students: By registering for this training, you are stating that you agree to the following cancellation policy:
If I cannot make it to the training I have registered for, I can transfer to a different date up to the close of registration before the start of a class offered by Diana Sturm, up to 2 times without penalty. If I do not attend the class, I am forfeiting any refund and will have only one opportunity to transfer to a later date. Refund requests must be made at least two weeks before the start of the training, or only a portion of the tuition will be reimbursed. All refund requests will incur an administrative fee of $50. For questions, please email:

Instructor: A minimum number of students is required to hold each class. You will be notified several days before a class if the minimum number of students was not reached and you will be given the opportunity to either reschedule the class or be given a full refund.

On occasion, weather events causing power and internet outages may occur so the workshop cannot be presented. The instructor lives in an area which experiences hurricanes and strong thunderstorms. The instructor will make every effort to present the workshop on the dates indicated. In those rare cases where the workshop must be cancelled at the last minute, the instructor will offer the students alternative times to complete the workshop or to receive a refund.