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What inspires you? What makes your mind race and explode with excitement, joy, hope, love, and peace?

Inspiration is a complex mixture of thoughts and feelings which are positive and when in abundance can even be overwhelming.

Each day we have thoughts racing through our minds and often these are overwhelmingly negative. Why did this person talk to me like that? Why can’t I get a job doing what I want to do? The car broke down again, how am I going to pay for it? When will life get better?

Inspiration challenges those thoughts

It makes you think in a different way. From a different perspective.  It teaches us compassion for others, and more importantly, compassion for ourselves.

Inspiration is sometimes the only thing that gets a person through the day. It is that one bright light that cuts through the darkness. Inspiration can come from a person, from nature, from the little ball of fur that snuggled up with you, from a song, from a phrase, or from a blog.

Some people seek inspiration, while others say it doesn’t exist. On those dark days when nothing seems to be going right, decide to seek it. Look for it. Turn to inspiration instead of the package of donuts, the TV, or the bottle of pills. Look for it. In a book. In the sunrise. In the mirror.

Stars in Night SkyMy goal here is to inspire but also to challenge. Challenge? Yes. Thoughts tend to run darkly and need a light shined on them in order to change. So, yes. You will be challenged to change, to look through a different pair of eyes, to see yourself as others see you, to see the real you that you don’t want to see in the mirror.

But with challenge comes the option for success. And failure. In this case, no one else is the challenger. Just yourself. The challenge is to face those dark thoughts. See the pain. See the longing for love. Accept them as a part of yourself. Recognize that its okay to let go. Let go of the hurt. Let go of the walls. Let go of the barriers to loving others.

By letting go, inspiration is allowed to seep in. Hope begins to grow. The light begins to crack open the dark shell that covered your life. The tiniest beam of light creates a shift in the darkness. Looking up at a cloudless, nighttime sky, we don’t see total blackness, we see the stars. Even in the city where the chaos of streetlights, stoplights, headlights, and houselights try to obliterate the starlight, there are always some stars that cut through the chaos to shine. Inspiration is that brightest star cutting through your life chaos to become a beacon for you to follow.

Seek it and you will find it.