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What is your relationship with the outdoors?

People are moving inside and disconnecting with nature. Shelter used to mean a cave or a small hut, cabin, or cottage. Activities from cooking to cleaning all occurred outdoors. But over time, people moved indoors and created amazing spaces inside their homes. But is that enough? Can we live without having a connection to nature?

What does being outdoors mean to you?

To some people going outdoors means:

  • Bugs
  • Animals
  • Humidity
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Dirt
  • Harsh winds
  • Relentless Sun

Shovel in dirtAnd they would be right. The outdoors can have all of those things.  But if you only focus on the negative, you will miss all of the amazing things you can experience outdoors:

  • Bugs – So many have amazing shapes and designs. They are cool!
  • Animals – If you’ve ever watched any nature show you know that bigger animals are just as cool as bugs (which are small animals).
  • Relentless Sun – Our Sun truly gives us life both on a global scale and on an individual scale. Your body actually needs sunlight to live. When sunlight hits your skin, your body makes a hormone called vitamin D. This hormone is required by all of the organs of your body to operate correctly. Without it, you can die.
  • Dirt – This material is the nurturing force which grows our food, provides those minerals and nutrients found in our veggies, and if you dig your toes into it, can provide grounding energy to soothe many aches and pains.
  • Gentle winds – When it’s hot and humid, there is nothing better than a gentle wind to cool and refresh. It goes perfectly with some refreshing summer snacks and a refreshing glass of lemonade.
  • Cold – This can bring amazing frozen crystal patterns as ice crystals pixelate and grow across surfaces. Or the beautiful individual designs of snowflakes, each an amazing creation of patterns.
  • Heat – This is what makes plants grow when combined with rain. It warms our bones and at the right temperature it feels good.

Of course, there are also the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, crashing ocean waves, majestic mountains, starry skies, and ever changing seasons which hold indescribable beauty, design, and inspiration.

Join me on a journey to the outdoors. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to venture out and make your own discoveries.