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What is your relationship with the outdoors? People are moving inside and disconnecting with nature. Shelter used to mean a cave or a small hut, cabin, or cottage. Activities from cooking to cleaning all occurred outdoors. But over time, people moved indoors and created amazing spaces inside their homes. But is that enough? Can we live without having a connection to nature? What does being outdoors mean to you? To some people going outdoors means: Bugs Animals Humidity Heat Cold Dirt Harsh winds Relentless Sun And they would be right. The…

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What inspires you? What makes your mind race and explode with excitement, joy, hope, love, and peace? Inspiration is a complex mixture of thoughts and feelings which are positive and when in abundance can even be overwhelming. Each day we have thoughts racing through our minds and often these are overwhelmingly negative. Why did this person talk to me like that? Why can't I get a job doing what I want to do? The car broke down again, how am I going to pay for it? When will life get better?…

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Food sustains us, can entertain us, and often unites us. It is the core of every social gathering. It is ingrained in our being because food is necessary for our survival. Food is vital for us: It builds our bodies and minds with energy and nutrients. It is fundamentally a rewarding behavior. As a rewarding behavior, it is directly linked to mood and emotions. Because food has so much meaning for us, it is helpful to look at the meaning it holds for us individually. What does food mean to you?…

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