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Food sustains us, can entertain us, and often unites us. It is the core of every social gathering. It is ingrained in our being because food is necessary for our survival. Food is vital for us: It builds our bodies and minds with energy and nutrients. It is fundamentally a rewarding behavior. As a rewarding behavior, it is directly linked to mood and emotions. Because food has so much meaning for us, it is helpful to look at the meaning it holds for us individually. What does food mean to you?…

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  For years, I have played with the idea of creating a blog. The experts always say to pick a niche and write about it. But I've never been able to pick a niche. Why? I have too many interests!! Within the past few years, I've discovered that I'm a multipotentialite. Multipotentialites are people who have in-depth interests in many things. Growing up, in school they are often called: know-it-alls or smarty pants (and yes, I'm hinting at my age!) But more traditionally, they are known as polymaths or renaissance people.…

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